Xcruiser Washing Machine XWM6500F Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Automatic Washing Machine (XWM6500F)


  • Fully Automatic Front Loading
  • 6KG Capacity
  • Available Colors “While” “Silver”
  • 12 Wash modes
  • Start Delay with 24hours
  • Auto Tub Cleaning function
  • Speed and Temperature control
  • Spin Speed 400 ~ 1000rpm
  • Temperature range 20°C ~ 90°C
  • Child Lock to lock the machine operations
  • Less vibration and quiet spinning motor
  • Wash Start and Wash Ends musicale buzzer


Xcruiser front load washing machine emits less noise and vibration for a quiet wash.
With the Xcruiser 6kg Front Load Washing Machine, you can rest assured that your clothes are in safe hands. Arriving in an elegant white color, this appliance is quite easy to operate. It will surely sort your day when you come tired from a trip knowing …

  • Unit Dimension 595x480x850mm

  • Operating power 220~240AC 50HZ

  • Plug Type BS-1363 UK Plug

  • Unit Weight 53kg

  • 12 Wash Programs

Installation Instructions Read before use

  • Before using the machine make sure to remove the transport bolts located at the back of machine
  • Dedicated power sockets (preferably 3 pin square type, 13A) to be available besides the desired location of Item installation.
  • Water inlet should have pressure of  30kPa ~ 1000kPa
  • Water inlet should be within a range of 1 meter from the washing machine.
  • Drainage hole should be at floor level.
  • Flat surface for proper drainage is recommended for installation.

Remove Transport Bolts


Use the supplied wrench to loosing the bolts


After removing the Bolts remove the rubber


Make sure to remove all 4bolts with the rubber


Cover the holes with the caps

Connect the water pipe with any clean TAP that have water pressure, and connect the drain pipe to any draining system.

Available Accessories

Wrench tool


Water Pipe


User Manual

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 535 x 657 x 885 mm

Wrench, Water Pipe, User Manual