XS9700HD Digital Satellite Signal Finder

XS9700HD Finder


Hardware Features:

  • DVB => S/S2
  • HDMI Port => Output
  • Battery Power => Large lithium battery 4400mAh removable
  • USB Port => Yes Software and Multimedia
  • Display size => 3.5inch TFT Color Display
  • Sound Speaker => 1Watt Loud Speaker 
  • Keypad Light => Yes
  • Support Remote Control => Yes
  • Level indicator in LED light => Yes
  • Audio/Video Input/Output => Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection => Yes
  • Hardware reset button => Yes


Software Features:

  • Menu Languages => English, Persian, Arabic, Russian
  • Support DiseqC => Diseq V1.0, 1.1, USUALS, and 1.2 Motor
  • Signal Buzzer => Yes
  • Spectrum Analyzer => Yes
  • Dish Angle Calculation => Yes
  • Compass => Yes Electronic
  • Edit Satellite and TP => Yes
  • Edit Delete Move multiple channels => Yes
  • Types of Signal Scan => Single, Auto, Blind
  • HDMI output resolutions => 480 <=> 1080p
  • Auto Turn OFF timer => Yes 10m to 20minutes
  • Supports Dual audio language channels => Yes
  • Record and play channels => Yes
  • Supported Multimedia formats => MKV, AVI, M4P
  • Supports Multilingual DVB Subtitle


is the latest model in line of Satellite signal finding meter, more advanced features and compact size,
Some very useful features are The “keypad back light” to help installer to continue the work even in the dark and the pouch included in the box will help to make a shade in the shiny day and protect from dust and shocks.

Dish Angle Calculation and the Electronic Compass will guide the installer directions and the Azimuth/Elevation in unknown places.
With the multiple channel search option can get the particular TP scanned or perform the network scan and of-course the blind scan to get full satellite scanned.

HDMI output, XS9700HD can be connected with LED/LCD tv’s and watch channel in resolution of 1080p and control XS9700HD with the remote control.

USB, can be useful for Backing up the data or Updating the Software and satellite channels as well as playing MultiMedia files such as Mp3, JPEG, MKV, Mp4, AVI etc..

Channel Editor, Edit, Delete, Move, Favorite channels in groups,

Keypad Back light to help installer in the dark,
Rubber keypad of XS9700HD is made of radium to glow in dark
3.5inch of color display will show the live channels of 1080p resolution
7Segment LED light indicator on the right will show the signal level and can be visible from long distance
LED light indicators on the left will indicate the Power,Charge,Vertical 13V, Horizontal 18V, and the signal LOCK

Spectrum Analyzer

can show wave lines in full SPAN & can be change from 200mhz to 32mhz
Can move the cursor to the line and scan the particular frequency

XS9700HD support HDMI output to connect with any HDMI device LED/LCD
H/W Off switch will power off the device for the quick power recycle (Power OFF/ON)
A/V Output/Input 3.5mm Jack will output the audio/video to external television or monitor also it can act as LCD monitor for Analog CCTV Cameras or old STB devices.
USB for Software Updates, Backup/Restore, Multimedia playback, and PVR function record any channel and playback

Electronic compass will help to find the geographical location East/West North/South
Angle calculation will help to align the dish with more accuracy of azimuth and elevation
XS9700HD will show some graphical images for better understanding of the dish alignment


Input Signal Frequency Range 950 ~ 2150MHz
Signal Level -65 ~ -25 dBm
Impedance 75Ω
Symbol Rate 1Msps ~ 60Msps
Demodulation DVB-S: QPSK
22k Tone Supported
DiseqC 1.0 Supported
USUALS Supported




LCD Display 3.5inch
Audio Output Built-in Loudspeaker
Input Connector F-Male Type
Keypad Rubber keypad radium backlight
Power Supply  

Charging Power Adaptor


AC 110~240V 50Hz/60Hz

Power required 12V 2000mAh

Battery Power


8.4V 4400mAh

USB Port 1
HDMI Type Output
A/V Connection 3.5mm Jack Output & Input
Operating Temprature 0°C ~ +40°C
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 230 × 260 × 90 mm


  1. Carry Bag
  2. Remote Control
  3. F-Connector coupler
  4. AV Cable
  5. Power Adapter
  6. Manual Book
  7. Remote Battery

F.A.Q & Guide

  • How to Install software from USB ?
    1. Download the software file from THIS LINK copy the software file .BIN to USB and connect USB to finder then press Menu => Upgrade => USB Upgrade => Select the software file .BIN and press OK and then restart the finder by press and hol POWER key on finder software update will start


  • How to Backup/Restore data ?
    Connect USB to finder and press Menu => Upgrade => DB Management => Backup to USB for BACK UP database to USB OR Load from USB to restore the Database from USB