XS6600HD Digital Satellite Signal Finder

XS6600HD Finder


Hardware Features:

  • DVB S/S2
  • Battery Power => Can last up-to 3hours straight working
  • USB Port => Yes (Software and Backup)
  • Power Switch => Yes
  • Torch Light => Yes
  • Level % LED light => Yes
  • Compass => Yes Magnetic
  • Color Display LCD => Yes (3.5inch)
  • Available Colors => Red and Black

Software Features:

  • Menu Languages => English, Persian, Arabic, Russian
  • Support DiseqC => Diseq V1.0 1.1 USUALS and 1.2 Motor
  • Audio Video => NO
  • Signal Buzzer => Yes
  • Spectrum Analyzer => Yes
  • Edit Satellite and TP => Yes
  • Auto Signal Check => Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection => Yes

Xcruiser XS6600HD is the latest model in the category of Satellite Signal Finder, XS6600HD is successor of XS5500HDplus with more advanced features and new design, XS6600HD supports DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals with 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK Demodulation.

XS6600HD has highly sensitive tuner to catch the signal and start the buzzer within nano second time,

XS6600HD support all types of DiseqC switches, v1.0, v1.1, v1.2 and USUALS,
Move the motor to East West directions manually while analyzing the signal in real-time or with USUAL’S function
XS6600HD will calculate the accurate position and angle to get the signal of selected satellite in USUALS.

XS6600HD support multiple languages of menu,
present languages on the finder is English, Persian, Russian, Arabic, and Dutch, upon the request will add more languages.

Xs6600HD allow users to Edit/Add/Delete Satellites or Transponder,
also it allows to take a backup of the Satellites with the TP in USB and can be restored.

XS6600HD Allows users to change the MENU and TEXT colors, there are prefixed colors,
Users can choose the right text and background colors according to the work situations,
Example: keep a dark colors for DAY time and light color for night time will be very helpful.


With help of spectrum analyzer can find the full range of single band signal quality.
XS6600HD can show the Quality percentage of the selected wave line and will auto detect the symbol rate and display the level within the spectrum menu.
Supports C-Band & KU-Band, More options to use 22K and change polarity Vertical and Horizontal


with XS6600HD can change the DiseqC port or set USUALS while monitoring the live signal values,
By Expanding the signal bar into single screen will show only the Quality and Level its very helpful to adjust the dish while keeping the finder in distance of 2meters
To get the Big Signal levels go to SAT and press OK key


Input Signal Frequency Range 950 ~ 2150MHz
Signal Level -65 ~ -25 dBm
Impedance 75Ω
Signal Processing Symbol Rate 1Msps ~ 60Msps
Demodulation DVB-S: QPSK
22k Tone Supported
DiseqC 1.0 Supported
USUALS Supported
Power Supply Charging Power Adaptor AC 110~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power required 12V 2000mAh
Others Signal Connector Type F-Type
USB Port 2.0
Operating Temprature -10°C ~ +50°C