4K ULTRA HD Hybrid Android DVB-S2



Hardware Features:

  • CPU => Hisilicon Hi3798MV200 QuadCore 1.6Ghz
  • RAM => 2GB DDR4
  • Memory => 16Gb
  • Front Panel Display => 7-Seg Display White
  • Video output ports => AV 3.5 Jack / HDMI
  • Memory Card Slot => Yes MicroSD
  • USB ports => Two Ports 2.0 and One Port 3.0
  • Digital Optical Output => Yes
  • LAN port => Yes
  • WIFI => External USB WIFI
  • 3G => External USB 3GModem
  • IR (Remote Sensor) => Extendable
  • Card Slot => Yes
  • Cam Slot => Yes

Software Features:

  • Operating System => Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 4K UltraHD => 4K 60FPS HDR10Bits, WCG, HLG
  • Resolution => 480I NTSC to 2160P
  • Supported Media => MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, MPEG
  • Google Playstore => Yes & Xcruiser Market
  • TimeShift Playback & Record => Yes
  • Schedule Record/Playback => Yes
  • Picture in Picture => Yes , HD & 4K 
  • Record to Storage => NetworkDrive, USB, HDD, SD Card.
  • Multiple Channel  Record => Yes, Satellite and M3U
  • Channel Scan Types => Manual / Auto / Blind / Advanced 

Introducing the all new AVANT series in Android Operating System of Nougat 7.0 with resolution of 2160p in Ultra High Definition of 4K 60fps,
The Xcruiser’s XDSR685HDR-AVANT boasts a massive 2GB of Ram and 16GB internal storage capacity. Fueled by a Hisilicon Hi3796MV200 QuadCore 1.6ghz processor XDSR685HDR-AVANT is a powerful beast. It allows you to seamlessly watch and record DVB-S2, DVB-T2, Internet Live Stream, browse, game, listen to music or run multiple apps simultaneously. The 16GB internal storage, combined with up to 128GB of expandable memory, leaves you with ample capacity to stock all your Apps, music, and videos. The XDSR685HDR-AVANT give stunning picture quality in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HLG (High Log Gamma) with WCG (Wide Color Gammut), offering you the most advanced viewing experience, always. The advanced user interface,  convenient, and most powerful features together to make your Digital Life easier.

Whats New in XDSR685HDR-AVANT ? Advanced hardware

XDSR685HDR-AVANT supports Ci+ “Common Interface” CI slot can found on the back of receiver

XDSR685HDR-AVANT has the ability to read SmartCards of Service provider who allows their card be readable by any normal STB.

XDSR685HDR-AVANT has the RAM of 2GB DDR4 to utilize the full potential of Android in 4K viewing and recording in addition playing games.

XDSR685HDR-AVANT has 16GB built-in memory, now you can download more APPs and GAMES without worrying of NO SPACE error.

Ultra-sharp 4K picture resolution and smooth motion 4K (2160p) 10-bit decoding at 60fps


Xcruiser has implemented Android nougat 7.0 as its main operating system due to its high security and smooth playback of high frame rate videos and internet streaming, in addition it support graphical gaming and XDSR685HDR-AVANT allows you to connect a joystick to enjoy the pleasure of gaming in 4K resolution.


After ST chipsets, Xcruiser is collaborating with HiSilicon ChipSet Manufacturer of Huawei for Android devices, which delivers crystal clear picture in high dynamic color range.

Real-life HDR Color Get rich, realistic color detail—even in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights—when you stream HDR content on a compatible HDR TV. HDR displays a wider range of colors, brighter whites, and deeper blacks to create more natural, beautiful, and true-to-life imagery.


XDSR685HDR-AVANT is UltraHD 4K 60 frames per second and 10bit dept of color, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) gives detailed colors, along with that it has ability to decode H.265 video, also the VP9 10bits and WCG (Wide Color Gammut) will satisfy your 4K TV resolution by covering each and every pixel of the screen with its true color.


With the XDSR685HDR-AVANT you get multiple broadcast receiving option, with the built-in DVB-S2 tuner you can catch any satellites by pointing the dish, and with help of a external DVB-T USB dongle you can receive the local terrestrial channels, Or if you’ve got the internet with the least speed of 2mbps you can connect with the world of internet and enjoy the live streaming of video in SD/HD or 4K quality.

Intelligent & Advanced USB PVR from multiple input sources Simultaneous Dual Recording and Timeshifting

With XDSR685HDR-AVANT you can record 3Channels in background and watch 2 PIP (Picture in Picture) Simultaneously, Record from timeshift, In case if you have missed an important program, you can reverse the video and start the recording from wherever you want (Don’t forget to change the TimeShift start settings in Menu), all this you can do with any input source of video Satellite, Terrestrial and OTT (M3U),

Media Player Play Almost any video format in Ultra high resolution of 2160p

XDSR685HDR-AVANT is not limited to only DVB or Internet, You can use the XDSR685HDR-AVANT As your Media Center, download KODI from the website or Playstore and play any Video Format in Ultra High Resolution, KODI (XBMC) itself is a mini OS, it has its own addons, playlist, and features such as Weatherforecast, you can get the addons right from the KODI menu. in addition you can use MXPlayer, VLC, K-Player whatever support ANDROID OS you can use in XDSR685HDR-AVANT.

Realtime screen mirroring from XDSR685HDR-AVANT to any Android mobile device Miracast or AirSync, watch your TV Screen on your Mobile or Watch your Mobile Screen on your TV , thats XDSR685HDR-AVANT

Download a application AirSync Z remote from googleplay store,
Use your Android phone or tablet as a wireless RCU for your XDSR685HDR-AVANT. Easily navigate content and play games on your Xcruiser XDSR685HDR-AVANT device with the built-in touchpad, gamepad, and air mouse controls. Use Air Sync Remote to quickly enter text by using the touchscreen keyboard.

Air Sync Remote also offers mult-screen mirroring with simulateous touchscreen control support. Pull content from the big screen to your mobile device with this easy-to-use app.

To get started, connect your Android phone or tablet to the same network as your Xcruiser XDSR685HDR-AVANT.


Tuner & Channel Decoder (Satellite) A/V Decoding
Input Connector F-Type, IEC 169-24 Female Video Decoding H.264/AVC BP/MP/HP@level 5.1, H.264/AVC MVC
Frequency Range 950MHz ~ 2150MHz H.265/HEVC Main/Main 10 profile@level 5.1 high-tier
input Impedance 75Ω, Unbalanced AVS baseline profile@level 6.0, AVS-P16 (AVS+)
Signal Level  -65 to -25dBm VC-1 SP@ML, MP@HL, AP@levels 0−3
LNB Power 13/18VDC, max.400mA Maximum 4K x 2K@60 fps 10-bit VP9 decoding
22khz Tone (22+2)KHz, (0.6 ±0.2)V Input Rate Max. 108Mbit/s
DiseqC Control V1.0/1.2/USUALS Compatible Video Formats 4:3 Letter Box, 4:3 PanScan, 16 : 9
Demodulation QPSK / 8PSK Video Resolution 720 x 576i, 720 x 480i, 1280 x 720p
Input Symbol Rate 1~45 Ms/s (QPSK of DVB-S) 1920 x 1080i, 1920 x 1080p, 2160p(4K x 2K)
1~45 Ms/s (QPSK of DVB-S2) Audio Decoding MPEG-1 Layer 1,2
FEC Decoder 1/2,3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6,8/9, 9.10 and 7/8 (QPSK) AAC-LC and HE AAC V1/V2 decoding
3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9 and 9/10 (8PSK) Audio Mode Stereo/Joint stereo/Mono
Sampling Rate 8khz to 192khz sampling rate

Audio / Video & Data IN/OUT Front Panel
TV OUT Video & Audio Output Slot 1 Common Interface & 1 Smart Card Slot
USB USB3.0, USB2.0 Display 7-Segments (4 Digit) White
ETHERNET RJ45 connector, 10/100M Base Buttons 1 Buttons(Standby)
Phone Jack CVBS Video Output, Audio L, R Output Indicators 1 Dual Color LED(Standby, Remote)
Micro SD Card Micro SD Card Slot
IR Extension Removable IR extension

Power Supply Main System
Input Voltage 12v 2mA Main Processor Hisilicon chipset
Type Adaptor Memory eMMC : 16 GBytes
Power Consumption Max. 30W SDRAM : 2 GBytes (DDR4)
Standby Power Max. 0.5W (Ultra low power)
Protection Separate Internal Fuse & Lighting protection
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 32 x 220 x 140 mm

2Remotes, AAA Batteries, HDMI Cable, Power Adaptor, Screws for Wallmount, Wall Mount Bracket


Download the Comparison PDF

Xcruiser 4K models Comparison Sheet

F.A.Q & Guide

  • How to recover software incase of hangup, booting issue ?
    1. Remove power cable and while connecting power cable press RED key 15times then LED Display on receiver will ENER press 1 number on the remote will make the receiver to factory default (Note: this option work with software version 1.6.0 or newer)

    2. If the above mention solution doesn’t work then try this
    Download this software file,
    Copy to USB, Connect USB to receiver, Remove power cable, while connecting the power cable press the CH UP key 20times, receiver will start to install the software from USB and it will erase all settings and applications and restore to factory default,

    3. After updating with the above file if the problem remain then install this software again using the same method mention above


  • How to update software ?
    Connect Internet and Press Menu => DVB => Software Download => if any new software available can be download
  • How to Backup Channel list from Receiver to USB ?
    Connect USB to receiver, Press Menu => DVB => Data Transfer => Transfer All system DATA to USB (This will transfer all settings + Channel list) and the second option is => Transfer Service Data to USB (This will transfer only channel list to USB)
  • How to Restore the Backup from USB to Receiver ?
    Connect the USB to receiver, wait for few seconds a window will pop-up or Press Menu => DVB => Data Transfer => Select the LAST option DATA Download from USB press Left/Right to see your Backup list and press OK to download
  • What is the Master Password or Pincode of receiver ?
    Master Pincode is 1407