QUAD LNB XL14Q HD KU-Band LNB to receive signal


  • Universal Linear QUAD KU-Band LNB
  • PLL – Phase Locked Loop Design, will not drift over time
  • QUAD LNB: Universal QUAD LNB is use to feed up to 4 different receivers with high stability, high gain
  • FULL COVERAGE OF KU-BAND: For Free To Air receiver and superior Ku band reception.
  • LOW NOISE FIGURE: Low noise figure QUAD LNB allows reception of Ku band signals with the highest possible signal level and quality
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Built in Waterproof material
  • SUPPORT: Low power consumption, Easy installation

Product description

Specifications :
Input Frequency Range: Low Band:10.70~11.70GHz; High Band:11.70~12.75GHz
Output Frequency Range: Low Band:950~1950MHz; High Band:1100~2150MHz
Noise Figure: Low Band:0.3dB(Typ.); High Band:0.3dB(Typ.)
Conversion Gain: 60dB(Typ.)
Gain Flatness: ±0.5dB/26MHz
Cross POL. Isolation : 25dB(Typ.)
L.O. Frequency: Low Band:9.75GHz; High Band:10.60GHz
L.O. Frequency Stability: ±1.0MHz(Max.)@+25℃; ±2.0MHz(Max.)@-30℃~+70℃
Operating Temperature: -30℃~+70℃
L.O. Phase Noise: -50dBc/Hz@1KHz; -75dBc/Hz@10KHz; -95dBc/Hz@100KHz
Image Rejection: 40dB(Min.)
Output VSWR: 2.0:1(Max.)
Output Power: 0dBm (Min.)(at 1dB gain compression)
Connector Type: 75Ω Female Connector
DC Current Consumption: 180mA (Typ.)
Low/High Band Switching: Low Band 0 Hz; High Band 22KHz±4KHz
POL. Switching Voltage: 10.5~14.0 V @VP; 16.0~20.0 V @HP