XL51HD KU-Band LNB LNB to receive signal

Single LNB XL51

  • Universal Linear Single KU-Band LNB
  • PLL – Phase Locked Loop Design, will not drift over time
  • Lightweight so it won’t make your support arm sag or wobble
  • 40mm throat mount fits all common dishes
  • Noise 0.3dB
  • I /P Freq: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz (LO : 9.75 ~ 10.6 GHz)
  • O/P Freq: 950-2150MHz
  • Gain: 50dB-60dB

Xcruiser’s XL51HD LNB is Single KU-Band LNB with the noise figure 0.3dB and Gain 60dB, Compatible with any STB and can receive any KU Band Linear Polarized signal from any Satellite around the world within the satellite beam covering area.


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